Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover ......

Two years ago my son Dusty was traveling to Montana. Waiting for everyone to load the plane a nice guy sits by him. The stewardess asks Dusty if he would like anything to drink. Dusty orders a drink. As he waits he starts talking to the guy beside him. The guy tells him he is a minister and Dusty keeps talking. He gets the drink and the Minister asks him " Do you know the Lord ?" Well since Dusty was 9 years old till he was 21 he battled with Cronhs Disease. He has been on everything from Remicade to Methotrexate and many more medications too many to mention. He has been in and out of hospitals for all those years. Missing so much of his grade school and high school days. But he kept going and '' Never Gave Up ". He was amazing and loved all his nurses and Doctors he came in contact with. Them loving him as well. He would say to me when he would be really sick throwing up and temperatures of 104...'' Momma don't worry it could be worse "  or " Things Happen for a Reason Mom..." Well to get on with the Answer...... Dusty says to the Minister " SURE DO HE'S MY BEST FRIEND '' and continues to tell him his story . The guy looks at Dust and says.. Wow I guess you do ! " Have a good Day :)

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  1. oh my gosh i love it!! that story made me cry!! i love Dusty and the strength he showed to make it through all he did.. plus he had a great momma to get him all the way! love you