Making a Big Step ....

Next week I am going to make a Big Step in my life .... I'm going to close my Hair
Salon and go with my Husband. Denny has worked hard all our married life and most 
Of our marriage he has been away. Everyone asks how we did it this long away from 
each other. We did it only though God...... He has helped us though good times and bad
Times and with him we are going to do this ! I will miss my customers, family and friends.
But I know they are so happy for us . So stay tuned for the New Chapter in my life I can't
Wait to share it with you <3


  1. I wish you two all the best Kimmy! You have made the right decision, you know that in your heart. I'm going to miss you and the beautiful person you are. I'm also going to miss our talks at your salon. You are so caring and just such a wonderful, giving person. I know I'll still see you at times and we'll keep in touch, but I just wanted you to know that I will miss you and your smiling face! You are doing exactly what you need to be and I know you & Denny both will be very happy with your move. Love you my friend! ~Love, Paula

  2. Thank you my Friend <3 I will miss you so much too :( it will be fun when you come over we can spend more time then just 2 hrs together !! Your such a wonderful friend and I Love you too. Thanks for everything you've done for me <3

  3. I am so excited for this new journey for you and Denny!!! It is going to be a wonderful time for the two of you... love you so much