Live every moment....

Taking balloons up to the cemetery for moms one year anniversary of going to Heaven... All I could think of was I needed to make a snow angel. Well that's just what I did. But I haven't done this in a very long time. First off I looked around to see if anyone was looking... Then I lay down slowing thinking " oh my this is cold " the whole time I was talking to mom and the whole time I knew she was just shaking her head..... Well I got down there and looked up into the Heavens and seen such beauty.... As my legs and arms move I knew mom was looking down at me. The sky was so pretty but I knew I needed to get up. Well that was the problem Getting Up ! Can you say Roley Poly ....that was me . I laughed and laughed hoping nobody was there to take me away in a straight jacket....I told my brother when I got home and he thought I must have looked like a Holy Roller... Whatever I looked like it was fun and I'm still smiling about it ! So remember to do something fun today because Laughter is the Best Medicine <3


  1. This makes me cry and laugh both!!! I love you to pieces !!

  2. I love you too so much !!!