Happy Home Decorating....

I love to decorate my home and anyone else's who wants me too... Shopping at Tj Maxx, Ross , Target , Hobby Lobby and any second hand thrift shop makes me happy .... I feel you don't need to have expensive just something that makes a statement . I think Decorating and collecting makes a House a Home. My mom taught me everything I know. I remember mom decorating and making my room so special. She would wash my dollies cloths and hair and rearrange and when she was done I could play all day in my room ( maybe that's why she did it hehe ) .... When we went home last month we painted, rearranged and enjoyed our home. Here's a few things I did hope you enjoy <3


  1. this looks beautiful.. you have the most special touch!!

  2. Thanks so much Marcie !!! We had so much fun doing it I miss it and you <3

  3. HI Mimi ~ I totally agree, shopping at TJMaxx and thrift stores is so much fun and to find those special "goodies" just adds to the excitement. Ah~decorating, Such an enjoyment too. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Have a sweet day,
    Pearl 13.1