Special Finds Today !

 I love this arrangement I got... Looks like summer ! The book was in great condition so I couldn't pass it up........
 Take a look at all these sweet treasures... Looks romantic to me. The large basket has a white label on it that I'm going to put caulk board paint on.. And I might spray paint the other tins a dark color.i love the sweet little daisy flower vase it looks great in our camper.....
This is a cute stand for a glass dome and the other brown find is for organizing my book work..
So this is it I hope your next treasure hunt you do good too <3


  1. I can see the handwriting on the wall. The next popular TV reality show will be titled: "Treasure Hunting With Mimi"!

  2. Ok that sounds great !!! Then I can go home and enjoy my treasures Terry <3 oh and you can help..... ;)