Friendly Friday ......

Friday was a great day.... I went to a rummage sale and purchased a corner cabinet as I was leaving
another lady showed up and wanted the treasure. Well I couldn't take it home so I ask for the money
back. The lady couldn't beleive I would give it up ..... I told her ... " don't you know it's friendly Friday !!!! So off I went and headed home . When I got home one of my Dear Customers left me this Tresure that was way better then the corner cabinet :) Mari is my Friend and said her Daddy had this made when she was young. The details on it are something . I'm so blessed to have amazing people in my life. God is Good <3


  1. That is wonderful. Without any hesitation, you gave up your treasure and received a greater one, instead. Have an awesome day... :)

  2. Your so right Dee !!! I'd rather have this treasure them the one I had .... Have a great weekend my blog friend <3