My Dad ......

I want you all to know my Dad..... He is my " Super Hero " he can do anything at anytime.... Dad was in the Air Force for 23 years and loved every minute of it. I'm sure there were times when he didn't like it but dad don't complain about work .....Dad grew up in Florida and when he was 18 he was stationed in Delaware where he married my mom. Mom and Dad are he Best parents ever <3 they taught Greg and I how to love to the fullest, how to raise our sons, the act of kindness and about the most important thing "Out Father" ...... When mom was sick dad was such a wonderful care giver ! We never had to worry about anything  ! Being a grandfather was something Dad does well too. Oh how he loves his grandsons <3 I'm so glad God gave me such a wonderful Dad He's one of my best friends,loving ,caring, giving and The Best !!! I love you Dad and Thank you for everything <3


  1. love this post.. he is amazing.. Derek and I went and watched football with him Saturday.. so fun... love you

  2. So glad you get to see him ! thanks Marcie I Love You Guys <3