Who designs these bedrooms ?

Yesterday as I was changing the sheets all I could think is " who designs these rooms ?" You would think if  5th wheels are mostly for the retirerd ( which I not ! ) why oh why would you make these bedrooms like this ? For one thing on my side there is no way a person can put there feet on the ground you have to scoot your way to the end ...... While your making your way to the end there is a closet on the side with a full length mirror ? Who wants to see this sight in the morning ? And as for the making of this ..... Well I know its hard for me I cant imagine being 20 years older making it ! So as I see it it is a  "Weight Managment Program" because if I were 10lbs heavier I would have to sleep on the couch. There always is a reason for everything <3


  1. Kim,
    Had to laugh, Ed & I traveled in our fifth wheel for 6 years and I can truly relate. It hurt my back to make the bed and if I ever fell out of bed during the night I would be in the bathroom.
    Sorry about the anonymous, don't know what any of the other choices meant.

  2. I don't know how they think older people can live in these ! I can barely get downt the stairs in the morning ha ha ,....thanks for checking on me my friend <3